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Region for the Holy Margins, as a member region of Roman Catholic Womenpriest-USA, Inc. We maintain alliance with other feminist, faith-filled, non-profit organizations, who support and work on behalf of women in a variety of ways including:

Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (Water)

Women's Ordination Conference (WOC)

Women-Church Convergence


Our Commitment to
Social Justice

The Region for the Holy Margins recognizes that the movement for the ordination of women and peoples of all genders is based on the Holy Spirit's call  to all, not just men, and  it is also  more than being ordained.  

Ordination is one step in creating a renewed church and world where people of all genders and ethnicities are fully dignified. In our region this work includes focusing on anti-racism work, supporting immigrants, lifting up the rights of the LGBTQ advocacy and more.  


Peace Protest

Social Justice Resources

We have compiled a list of books, videos, websites and other resources for each topic below.  We hope that you find these resources helpful as you continue to deepen your knowledge and commitment to social justice work.  



Racial Justice and the Catholic Church.

By Bryan Massingale.

How to Be an Anti-Racist.

By: Ibram X Kendi. 

God of the Oppressed.

By: James Cone. 

The New Jim Crow.

By Michelle Alexander. 

See No Stanger. By: Valerie Kaur


Black Lives Matter

Black Catholic Messenger


National Black Women's Institute 

The Truth Telling Project


Gender Justice


New Ways Ministry

Dignity USA

The Trevor Project

Mary's Pence


A Home for All: A Catholic Call for LGBTQ Non-Discrimination. 

By: Francis DeBernardo and

Robert Shine

Reproductive Justice


Catholics for Choice

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Freedom

Holy Margins Responding to Dobbs Decision


Bodies on the Line. 

By: Laura Rankin

Trust Women

by Rebecca Tood Peters

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